Tailor made solution

Habonim excels when no commercial product can satisfy your requirements. Habonim’s experienced engineering and R&D team frequently creates special solutions that Complex skids and automated manifold designs,

which fully comply with your P&ID Lower weight and reduced volume of existing systems for off-shore applications Minimizing leak paths and introduction of fail-safe assemblies in hazardous applications. Fast closing (<0.5 sec) automated mechanism for ESD systems Safety shut-off device for gas feeding systemsmeet the needs of special customer requests. To name a few:

We create custom valves, manifolds and special solutions to meet the most stringent demands of extreme temperature, high pressure, corrosive and abrasive application, because at Habonim we are “inspired by challenge”

Gas Valve Unit (GVU)

Special manifold for dual fuel (diesel / LNG) ships reduce the amount of pollution generated by ship engines. Increase air quality in harbor cities.

Unique design features

■ Exceptionally low weight and volume
■ Small footprint
■ Less piping work so leakage problems are eliminated or minimized
■ No welding design for easier and accurate installation
■ One automated manifold, fully assembled and tested
■ Full range of certifications available for marine classification
■ Minimum maintenance requirements for ship owners and operators
■ COMPACT™ 4-piston pneumatic actuators for quick and safe operation

Cryogenic double block & bleed valve

Cryogenic Double Block and Bleed valves are extremely compact and safe
devices that allow the user to provide total leak-proof safety by directing the main valve cavity to a safe location, thus securely isolating gas furnaces, marine motors, LNG tanks, and LNG fueled trucks, from explosive and cold cryogenic fluids such as LNG, LOX etc.
The principle of operation is to have two main valves in the flow direction, where the secondary valve ensures no leakage under all circumstances, and a bleed valve perpendicular to the main piping forces any excess gas/fluid in the main cavity to vent to a secure location.
Habonim meets the challenge by providing safe, compact, built-to-spec double block and bleed cryogenic valves in a full range of configurations including: full and semi-automatic, manual, and hand lock. Other customer-specified configurations are available ranging from ½” up to 6” main valves and bleed valves to match.

Cost-Effective Replacement Solutions

A custom valve used for Diverting flow from a single source to multiple lines was designed to replace larger globe valves for the same application.

Multi-valve ensemble (MVE)

Habonim designed the revolutionary Multi-Valve-Ensemble (MVE) as an innovative alternative to large, heavy skid-mounted valve assemblies that take up so much space and are loaded down with complex piping; vulnerable to leakage. The MVE eliminates up to 90% of the piping required on conventional skids, and weighs 30% less.

■ Lighter assembly weights 30% less than conventional skid-mounted
    valve system.
■ Easy access for time and labor efficient installation and maintenance

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