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Safe and Reliable Flow Control Solutions

Ultra-reliable Fire-safe and solution thru a wide range of temperature and pressure class

Controlling the flow of combustible materials demands an un-comprising approach towards safety and reliability. Fully committed to this approach, Habonim’s delivers a ground-breaking industry standard with its HermetiX™-Fire Safe valves, Reaching no less than 500,000 cycles prior to any service requirement. This new industry benchmark effectively eliminates any leakages from valve stems (or any other part for that matter) allowing a much safer and long-lasting service life of Energy facilities and solutions

As a testament to their unique combination of safety and extremely long service life, HermetiX™-Fire Safe valves are fully certified to both fire safe standards (API 607/ISO 10497) as well as the strictest fugitive emission standards (API 641/ISO 15848-1).  Habonim Products are also certified to participate in SIL 2/3 approved emergency shut off systems.

Due to its paramount importance to safety and reliability, the HermetiX™-Fire Safe configuration is included as a standard feature on all of Habonim’s fire safe valves, all sizes (from ½” to 16”), all temperatures of media (from cryogenic LNG, to HT refinery processes and any other medias in between) and all pressure classes (from #150 thru #2500).  



The durable fire safe stem seal is suitable for use in hazardous industries like chemical, petrochemical, and oil & gas applications,
where it improves the performance of the valve stem seal up to 500 thousand cycles compared to a conventional porous
graphite stem seal. The HermetiX™ fire safe valve offers the ultimate solution; an exclusive durable stem seal that eliminates the
risk of graphite disintegration after prolonged stem wear which protects both line media and air quality.

  • Minimizes shutdowns for maintenance up to 500,000 cycles
  • Fugitive emission certified to ISO 15848-1 & API 641
  • Fire-safe certified to API 607 and ISO 10497
  • Habonim design Patent No. D598,988
  • Prevents media contamination from graphite particles
  • Ensures uninterrupted production
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