The New C90M

The New C90M Pneumatic Actuator

Habonim's COMPACT™ line just got stronger!

The COMPACT™ C90M is another breakthrough in small-footprint valve automation. With a powerful maximum spring-end torque of 1748 Nm, the COMPACT™ line of actuators can now automate valves with even higher torque capacities.

Habonim’s new COMPACT™ C90M is a steel-fabricated, rack-and-pinion actuator with a distinctive cubical shape. It comprises 4 pistons driving the pinion in tandem – shifting 4 linear forces in a powerful quarter-turn movement with a spring-end torque of up to 1748 Nm. The actuator’s overall dimensions remain within the valve’s face-to-face, avoiding unnecessary re-routing of pipes and ensuring ease of installation even in confined spaces, such as floating platforms in the oil & gas market.

Together with Habonim’s already well known set of 8 sizes (C15, C20, C25, C30, C35, C45, C60, C75) available to meet the torque requirements of a wide range of industrial applications, three years ago Habonim launched the cost-effective ‘M series’. Four intermediate sizes (C30M, C35M, C45M, and C60M) were added to meet customer valve torque requirements even more precisely — allowing the COMPACT™ to compete effectively ina demanding market. With the same initiative we also broke the existing 700 Nm spring-end torque limit of the C75 with the introduction of the C75M — providing 930 Nm spring-end torque. The COMPACT™ was available in 13 different sizes in total.
The launch of the 14th size — the C90M — is the next step in the evolution of the 4-piston, COMPACT™ line ofsmall and powerful rack & pinion pneumatic actuators to serve the industry’s most demanding applications.

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