Gas Distribution


High end valves for the natural gas value chain

Habonim offers a wide range of solutions, spanning the entire gas value chain – from the natural gas source to the end users.

Habonim is a leading manufacturer of value-add solutions that provide full coverage for all natural gas applications, including the energy and marine industries

  • 500K-cycle maintenance-free, fire-safe HermetiX™ stem seal
  • Lightweight solutions
  • Small footprint systems
  • Minimum leak path manifolds
  • Extremely low torque valves
  • Rapid stroking automated packages
  • Customized products are also available to meet specialized requirements.

Habonim helps streamline processes by offering a wide and growing range of operating pressures as well as a full range of temperatures.

Product coverage:

  • Sizes: from 1/4” (DN6) up to 16” (DN400), manually operated or automated
  • Vacuum pressure to class 2500 rating
  • Cryogenic temperatures as low as -264°C and up to +650°C
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