Customized Solutions

We create custom valves, manifolds and special solutions to meet the most stringent demands of extreme temperature, high pressure, corrosive and abrasive application, because at Habonim we are “Inspired by Challenge”.

Ammonia Nitrate Bullets Upgrade Project

Guaranteeing positive system isolation with Dual-Safe valves

Ammonia Nitrate Bullets Upgrade Project    A traditional solution of two valves and a bleed valve had been considered, but… Download Case Study >>>
Ammonia Nitrate Bullets Upgrade Project

Safeguarding Ammonia Flare Systems

Ammonia Flare System Upgrade Project Download Case Study >>>

Maritime KR certified High-pressure LNG valves

An integrator of high pressure pumps and skids needed an easier and better valve solution for a MEGI system skid Download Case Study >>>

200 millisecond quick closing of gas line

Most Emergency Shutoff Devices (ESD) have closing speeds of 1-2 seconds. The Habonim engineering team was  asked by a global… Download Case Study >>>

Habonim’s high pressure valve with integral bypass valve

Deepwater natural gas drilling rigs are among the most difficult and dangerous places to live, to work, and to provide… Download Case Study >>>

High differential pressure 6” control valve

For the world’s largest reverse osmosis desalination plant guaranteed reliable flow of potable water Download Case Study >>>

Manifolds for gas turbines

A global player in the energy sector approached Habonim for a manifold valve solution. The traditional design uses multiple valves… Download Case Study >>>

Safety Shut-off Device (SSD)

A device that will stay in the open position under normal operating conditions and will shut off the flow automatically… Download Case Study >>>

Graphite Contamination

Preventing Graphite Contamination in a Post Filtration Process at an API Site Download Case Study >>>
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