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Habonim has earned an international reputation for
developing and manufacturing high quality ball valves, pneumatic actuators and ancillary equipment. Our
dedication has led us to innovations that have improved productivity, Health and Safety and generated significant
cost savings for our customers all around the world.


We invite you to visit
us at:
Valve World Expo Düsseldorf, Germany
Hall 03 | Stand C19
We look forward to seeing you!

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Staying up to date and available to our customers and colleagues, Habonim is excited to share our digital publications, our technical catalogs and leaflets with the world also on issuu.

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Great Turnout at the recent AOG (AUSTRALASIAN OIL & GAS) exhibition in Perth Australia
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Compact II

Welcome to Valve Heaven!

For eighteen years, our customers acknowledge that the CompACT Pneumatic Actuator truly gives them “Peace of Mind”.
CompACT provides many technical advantages, including:
• Faster action
• Greater torque in relationship to its small size
• Lower air consumption
• Smaller size

As a result of this time-proven confidence, Habonim now gives you a 7-Year warranty* on all CompACT II actuators!!
Are you looking for “Peace of Mind”? CompACT gives you just that!
Welcome to Valve Heaven!


The new Hermetix™ stem seal maintains zero stem leak and
maintenance-free service. Named after its distinctive X-shaped design,
the patented HermetiX™ meets the latest ISO 15848-1 standard for fugitive
emission. Its unique flexible X-shape design causes stem sealing to improve as
pressure increases, particularly beneficial in situations of stem side load.

Special Solutions

When no commercial, off-the-shelf product provides the answer you need,
Habonim steps in to design and manufacture custom valve assemblies
quickly and effectively.
Habonim welcomes these challenges, working with your team to implement
an innovative solution for any special process needs. Prototype designs
are ready in days - and production quantities within a few short weeks.
Habonim's Special Solutions - fulfilling the company motto,
"Dedicated to Innovation"

HVS - Valve Sizing Software

HVS - Habonim Valve Sizer simplifies the task of selecting the perfect Profix™ control valve package. HVS accesses a database of over 5800 different
media! Accurate calculations of process Cv, valve opening %, velocity,
critical condition warnings and predicted noise levels are just some of the
many features provided by HVS in a choice of output formats. HVS operates
in accordance with IEC 60534 and ISA S75-17 1989.

• Download the free HVS program


IMPACT- The Extra ‘Punch’

IMPACT™ spring assist is a device which diverts air pressure from the inner chamber to the spring chambers of any spring-return pneumatic actuator ,
increasing spring closing torque by at least 50%.
In seconds, IMPACT™ can be field-mounted without having to be replaced or stopping the process. Serving as a 'first-aid kit', it provides the actuator with
that extra 'punch'. In many cases, you can save the costs of a large actuator
by fitting a smaller one with IMPACT™, while obtaining the same torque.

HABONIM in Control

Why choose a complicated, difficult-to-maintain and heavy Globe control valve which, by definition, requires an additional shut-off valve?

ProfiX™- Control Ball Valve

Habonim's Profix™ provides great benefits:
• Zero seat leakage - class VI shutoff
• Higher Cv
• High pressure drop capacity with straight-through flow
• Zero backlash
• Ease of maintenance
• Less weight - smaller size
• Requires less operating force
• No cavitation
Profix™ combines a control valve, pneumatic actuator and positioner in one integrated package, reducing size, price, and implementation time.
Profix™ makes sense - Stop Globe Waste!

New Cryogenic Series- SAFETY FIRST!

Habonim’s new series of Cryogenic Valves is unmatched in reliability,
stability and most importantly, SAFETY. Supplied fire-safe-ready as standard,
the new Cryogenic Valves are suitable for both non-hazardous and hazardous environments. Shorter bolts, a unique tongue-and-groove interface design and
stem and ball assembly are just some of the critical safety features. In addition,
the new HermetiX™ zero-stem leak seal is featured.